Exam dispositions from Computational Geometry, 2014

I followed the course Computational Geometry at DIKU in the beginning of the year. For the exam, I prepared a number of exam topic dispositions.

Download PDF here

The dispositions cover the following topics:

Fwnies’ solutions from NCPC 2013

Yesterday the 2013 Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest took place. I have taken part in this contest the last 4 years, my two first years winning the Danish sub-contest called “DM i Programmering”.

Something Awful Friend Highlighting

So, I have made yet another userscript; this time for the readers of the Something Awful forums. This is not my first time doing so, and I have in fact created a group for Something Awful userscripts on userscripts.org.

Link your Haskell function names to Hoogle

Next time you typeset a LaTeX document, where you discuss some Haskell code, consider using the following command to typeset the name:

% To be added to your preamble:

% Format function name and link to it on Hoogle

That is, instead of I use the function \texttt{liftM2} to lift ..., use I use the function \hoogle{liftM2} to lift ....

Calendar export on skema.ku.dk


So you’re a student at the University of Copenhagen, and you’re starting on a new course. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could add your schedule to your calendar, so that you could keep track of when to be where?

Random imgur pictures

You may already know imgur, an image host you can use freely for whatever you please.

The recursion theorem and you

Quines are a wonderful thing. A quine is a program, that when run produces its own code as output. Now, in most interpreted languages you can read your own code through means of I/O — I’d consider that cheating: We can do much better than that. We’ll do it without anything but a clever theoretical result. (And maybe a little bit of code to make it work in practice.)

Hasse diagram of a partial order in Mathematica

A Hasse diagram generated in Mathematica.

A Hasse diagram generated in Mathematica.

Student deals you should know about

When you’re a student, you’re usually on a tight budget, so the chance to get something you need at a steep discount usually falls on good soil.

Luckily, the marketing departments of many large software corporations know this, and wants to get you hooked on their applications, leaving us students very happy.