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Would you like to develop the Kinect technology for more than just games? We are seeking software developers with experience in any of the following topics: C++, Microsoft Kinect, QT application development, and web based services. The development environment is presently Mac and Linux based.

DigiCorpus ApS is expanding in the area of computer-aided physiotherapy. We are developing software that supports the rehabilitation by exercises at home and in the clinic after, e.g., surgery in the knee.

You find agile development exciting and may have experience with the Scrum method. You may be a university student, e.g., in the subjects Computer Science, Software Engineering or similar. And you would like to develop technology to improve rehabilitation in collaboration with other software developers, physiotherapists, and patients.

DigiCorpus ApS is a spin-off from the University of Copenhagen and is located in Symbion, Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark.

Conditions of employment and salary
We offer short-term employment with the possibility of prolongation.

The amount of work depends on the explicit task and is agreed upon from sprint to sprint with focus on your options, and we expect that the usual number of working hours to be approximately 15 hours per week. We are flexible, w.r.t. when you work, and if you require time off for exams etc.. You are expected to take part in the weekly sprint meetings in Copenhagen.

Salary will depend on your qualifications.

We are looking for people that
• Can work independently as well as in teams
• Has experience with programming in C++ using QT for application development and / or database based web services
• Is thorough when programming, and testing is second nature to you

Experience with Microsoft Kinect and similar sensor technologies is a plus.

To apply, send your application including your Curriculum Vitae to Jon Sporring on js@digicorpus.com.

Job info

DigiCorpus ApS, Symbion, Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark.
Antal timer: 
22. September 2014

Company info

DigiCorpus ApS
DigiCorpus ApS is a spin-off from the University of Copenhagen, and sell solutions to municipalities, hospitals, and health clubs.
Jon Sporring